My 12 Week Transformation*

Let’s face it, nobody is perfect. I for one, have clearly shown (in the ‘before’ shot) that it doesn’t take much to veer off the rails and onto a path to destruction. Let’s just say that around the time that first photo was taken (22.12.15 to be exact) I was far from happy, I was going through a rough patch with finances along with a few other obstacles, my confidence was at an all-time low and I used food as a comfort mechanism rather than an energy source. My drinking was also getting far FAR out of hand too. Fortunately, I was able to put aside my own emotions and think about the legends that I was training. I still gave every session 110% even though I would fall in a heap once I got back to reality. Growing up I suffered from severe OCD and anxiety. Boxing was my number one escape. I felt at this time (‘before’ photo) that I was starting to adapt to that same mindset from my younger days. My anxiety levels were drastically increasing, I didn’t want to leave the bed, let alone converse with anyone. Deep down I just wanted it all to be over.

At the time I wrote this program, I was going through a breakup. This was incredibly hard but also gave me the motivation I needed to build my confidence back up. I kept going over the words, the exact ones I tell every one of my clients from their initial session, ‘fix yourself to a goal, train hard and enjoy the journey’ and ‘keep telling yourself why you’re doing this’. And that’s exactly what I did. I used the exercises and nutrition knowledge I learned and swore by over the years and put it all into work. I have seen it in my client’s process and now my own. 4 to 5 days a week training, sessions not lasting more than 30-45 minutes each day. I was now on a road to SUCCESS.

This is me exactly 12 weeks later on 15.03.16. It was at my highest point, my confidence was at its best, I still crave veggies and salad throughout the day, I’m full of energy and driven to better myself day by day and to top it off business is running efficiently.

Here are half a dozen words that I’d like you to keep in the back of your scone as the going gets tough:


*Actual results may vary from person to person and we do not make any guarantees that you will get the same results.

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